Treasurer's Office

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm



701 W College Ave, Suite 103
St Maries, ID 83861

Treasurer & Public Administrator ~ Sara Sexton

Treasurer's Duties
The county treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping of all public moneys, which includes the acceptance, receipt and reporting of all money received by each county department. It is also the responsibility of the county treasurer to invest idle funds and ensure there is adequate money available to meet the county’s financial obligations.

Ex-Officio Tax Collector
The county tax collector is responsible for the collection and accounting of all property taxes levied on the real, personal and operating property tax rolls. It is also the responsibility of the tax collector to provide notice to every taxpayer, his agent or representative the amount of property tax due no later than the 4th Monday in November each year.

Ex-Officio Public Administrator
The public administrator has the duty to administer the estates of decedents for whom no personal representative is appointed; the estates of decedents with whom there are no known heirs; estates ordered by the court and estates to which the state of Idaho is an heir.

Attention Lenders, Title Companies & Taxing Agencies: Please submit email requests for tax information, payoffs, or questions to:

Properties with Existing Homes
All tax notices are mailed annually by the 4th Monday of November.Tax may be paid in two installments, by using a 6-month grace period
1. First half due December 20th
2. Second half due June 20th of the following year
If payment is not remitted by these due dates, associated penalty and/or interest fees will apply at 12% annually starting January 1st.

Mail Early
Payments mailed for the 1st half tax must be postmarked on or before December 20th and have a US Postal cancellation mark to be considered current. A postage meter is not an acceptable postal cancellation. If the first half is not paid on or before December 20th, it becomes delinquent, and a 2% late charge shall be added. Interest on the delinquent tax and late charge is calculated at the rate of 1% per month beginning January 1st. If the first half tax is paid in part, late charge and interest is calculated on the remaining tax due.

Per Idaho code 63-902(9) the fact you do not receive a tax notice on any property does not excuse you from the tax or late charge and interest for non-payment.

If you have closed a business or purchased property during the year, or believe you have not received all your tax notices, please call (208) 245-2421 to inquire.

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